Devil May Cry 5 Data Mining Hints at Bloody Palace Multiplayer and Another Playable Character

While digging into Devil May Cry 5 file extensions, data miners may have discovered what Capcom has planned for the title’s future. The Bloody Palace update, set to launch for free in April 2019, is already a known factor. But data mining reveals multiplayer will be added to the mode, as well. In addition, despite a developer’s previous word on the matter, another playable character could also enter the fold in a post-launch update.

Beware, as spoilers may follow.

Images of the DMC5.exe file emerged on ResetEra. The first can be seen below, which features text such as “joinSession” and “joinRoom” that seemingly indicates the Bloody Palace mode will include multiplayer of some kind:

dmc5 playable characters

Text in the next image suggests another playable character will be added, Vergil. Check it out below:

dmc5 playable characters

This is all very interesting, especially where Vergil as an incoming playable character is concerned. Prior to Devil May Cry 5’s launch, Producer Matt Walker was asked if Capcom had plans for post-release content beyond the already announced Bloody Palace mode. Walker was quick to respond, telling fans that Bloody Palace was the only DLC plan Capcom had in place.

Walker’s comment appears contradictory to that of Director Hideaki Itsuno, who’d previously said the addition of new playable characters would depend upon player demand. Based on the files featured in the images above, it seems player demand might eventually be met. However, until Capcom gives the final word, this should all be taken lightly.

Devil May Cry 5 recently hit the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One to predominantly rave reviews. Our review of the title, which awarded it an 8/10, most notably praised DMC5’s gameplay and story.

[Source: ResetEra via Wccftech]