Days Gone Isn’t All About ‘Doom and Despair,’ Says Creative Director

On the surface, Days Gone looks like a dark game with a gloomy story set in a post-apocalyptic world but it’s not all about “doom and despair,” according to Creative Director John Garvin.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Garvin said that Bend Studio wanted to tell a positive story that allows players to make decisions and take actions that benefit them and the in-game world.

Days Gone is set two years after the apocalypse, which means that buildings and infrastructure are still intact. “You don’t have massive forests that have overgrown everything, for example,” explains Garvin. “Nothing is overgrown, and yet, everything’s in disarray.”

The game’s day-and-night cycle will have an impact on gameplay. Freakers, for example, are stronger at night than they are during the day but players who brave the night will be rewarded for their efforts. According to Garvin, hunting Freakers at night is worth more experience, among other benefits.

However, Days Gone is all about choice so those who want to go out to play in daylight will be able to embark on their own unique journey. The game allows players to pass time in their safe zones if they prefer playing during a certain time of the day.

“You have a safe house that you start the game with, but you have to earn the rest,” added Garvin. “If you don’t like playing at night, you can just bunk down and wait until morning to go out – or the opposite. It’s about your play style and what you want to do while you’re in the world.”

According to Bend Studio, what sets Deacon apart from other video game protagonists is that he’s “not very athletic” and doesn’t have superhero abilities that see him “sprinting up walls” and “climbing down ladders really fast.” However, he’s got skills that players can utilize and help him improve throughout the course of the game.

Days Gone will release next Friday, April 26th, for the PlayStation 4. Reviews will roll out on the 25th so stay tuned.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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