New Days Gone Promotion Confuses Fans, Leads to Calls for Days Gone 2

A promotional tweet published by Sony’s Bend Studio has ended up confusing quite a few fans, who believe the developer is teasing Days Gone 2. It looks like Bend Studio will have a hard time breaking free of the curse of Days Gone, and the sequel that didn’t happen.

No, Bend Studio isn’t teasing Days Gone 2

As part of Bend Studio’s 30th anniversary celebrations, Sony is doing a Days Gone-themed collaboration with Japanese-British singer Rina Sawayama. Sawayama is what Sony calls a “PlayStation Playmaker,” a fancy term for marketing collaborations that see Sony tap popular creators, athletes, actors, and artists to work on “exciting” things for players.

The tweet in question can be viewed below.

Unfortunately, but perhaps unsurprisingly, PlayStation Playmakers campaign hasn’t really made sense to the average player (yet). A number of folks saw the image of Sawayama and jumped to assume that a Days Gone sequel is incoming. The tweet spurred Reddit threads and responses like those below:

Some poor souls have even gotten their hopes up for DLC.

All that’s missing now are a series of (recurring) tweets from former Days Gone developers detailing their distress over the lack of a sequel.