Sony’s Releasing an 8K Television—Just in Time for the PlayStation 5

While PlayStation is Sony’s golden goose at this point, everyone knows the Japanese company does much more than release video game software and hardware. One of Sony’s most notable range of products is its line of high-end televisions. In 2019, Sony will be releasing a laundry list of new screens, though it’s one in particular that may line-up with Sony’s plans for its upcoming PlayStation 5.

The Z9G is Sony’s first-ever 8K TV, and comes in two models. The 85-inch screen will cost a cool $12,999.99, while the massive 98-inch television will set you back $69,999.99. However, it’s previous comments from PlayStation’s Mark Cerny that make this new venture all the more interesting.

In the tell-all interview with Cerny from WIRED, it was revealed that the PlayStation 5 (which hasn’t been officially revealed yet) has 8K capabilities. However, seeing as 8K televisions are still rare (and there’s quite a barrier of entry), it’s likely not a feature most will take advantage of. However, it definitely seems as though 8K is a feature Sony wants to focus on right from the jump.

Whether Sony makes 8K capabilities a highlight of the system’s marketing plan or not remains to be seen, though the system definitely seems to be a powerful one. Naturally, the system will have 4K capabilities (and it will likely be much more widely-used with the PS5), it also features ray tracing, a feature that’s become much more popular in recent years. It’s important to note that the upcoming Google Stadia platform will also have 8K capabilities, as well. Will 8K become a gaming standard, just as 4K is gaining mass-market appeal?

With the ability to display 8K, among other features, one has to wonder if Sony will market the PlayStation 5 as a high-end system. Cerny said the PlayStation 5’s price point will be “appealing” in light of its advanced features. It will be certainly interesting to see what the system’s price at launch will be. While it’s obviously not going to break the thousand-dollar threshold (or even get close to that), we’ll have to see if Sony will want to tie-in the system with its new televisions in any way.

Other features the PlayStation 5 include backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR capabilities, and a high-end solid-state drive. While it doesn’t have a release window yet, don’t expect it anytime in 2019.

[Source: The Verge]