Climb the Dead or Alive 6 Leaderboards and Dress Like a Pirate After Getting This Patch

Support for Dead or Alive 6  has continued with a patch that brings leaderboards, 15 extra stage music tracks, paid pirate costume DLC, and much more. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have outlined everything that’s included in the April 25, 2019 update, and they aren’t pulling any punches.

The biggest update is the addition of leaderboards for its ranked modes. This is a good way for both amateur and professional Dead or Alive 6 players to track their points. When the feature first launched, a Kaito Rupan YouTube video seemed to suggest it might be bugged, as the top 12 players on the ranked leaderboard had the exact same score, but things should be worked out soon. Regardless, you can limit the leaderboard to only search by region and type of players.

Things will look different after applying this Dead or Alive 6 patch too. New entry and victory animations have been added for some characters. Tina, Ayane, Lisa, and Rig have new intros, while Zack, Honoka, Mila, and Nyotengy have new victory poses. A little extra work went into La Mariposa, as her hairstyle can now also change while she is wearing costumes with a mask. As always, you can determine how the physics affect characters’ bodies. If you are uncomfortable with how some characters’ cleavage looks during these animations, you can toggle the exposure minimization option on and off for the Versus Event mode.

While those were the big changes, some smaller ones came through too. When you head into Free Training, you’ll find your settings won’t reset after coming back from a Throwdown match. Costume parts will be replaced with Player Points when every costume for the character you are currently using has been unlocked. 15 new music tracks can be unlocked through DOA Central. Also, as is common with any update, balance adjustments have been made, character performance has been adjusted, and there are stage corrections. Basically, a lot has been done.

If leaderboards, new animations, and quality of life changes didn’t give people enough reasons to come back, a giveaway might make people return. To reward players for continuing to play Dead or Alive 6 and its free-to-play version, everyone will be given 100,000 Player Points when they log back into the game after downloading this update. However, you have to boot it up before May 13, 2019, because this offer will expire on that date.

While all of that is available for free, there is also new paid content too, mateys!  The Pirates of the 7 Seas Vol. 1 costume pack has hit the PlayStation Store. Tina, Ayane, La Mariposa, Christie, Hitomi, Mila, Nyotengu, Honoka, Zack, Bass, Hayate, Rig, and Diego have been outfitted with costumes worthy to help these fighters sail the high seas! It is a part of the $92.99 Season 1 Pass, though you can also buy it alone for $19.99. Vol. 2 will likely follow in a few weeks, like Vol. 2 of the wedding costume sets.

You can check out the outfits in the trailer below:

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have been on top of getting Dead or Alive 6 into shape, as it has been updated regularly since its launch. On April 11, 2019, the much-requested lobby system feature launched after being delayed a month. In addition, another tweet said a fix involving counter statuses occurring on offensive holds, recoveries, and throws is on the way.

[Source: Dead or Alive]