Days Gone’s Attention to Detail’s Amazing

Bend Studio’s newest PlayStation exclusive game, Days Gone is here and pays an obscene amount of attention to details people might not even notice. Whether it’s through visuals, audio cues, or simply the way that Deacon St. John reacts to the things going on around him, it really does a great job of immersing you in an unforgiving world where everybody is just trying to survive and almost everything is trying to kill you. Time to look at some things that really stand out as you try to get by.

Oil Filter Suppressors

A great example of Days Gone‘s attention to detail was showcased in a thread on Reddit. A user by the name of probably420stoned pointed out the before and after images for one of the game’s oil filter suppressors. When equipped to a gun, these suppressors will silence the shots from Deacon’s pistol, allowing you to sneak through difficult areas with ease while eliminating threats. (Try to use them sparingly though, as each suppressor has a durability meter which displays when the suppressor is about to break!)

As you can see, the oil filter wasn’t a functioning suppressor until Deacon fired a bullet. Then, we see a hole going through the end of it. It’s tiny things like this that really add to the immersion in a game, and I am beyond impressed that Bend Studios put so much time and effort into small details like this one. It is nothing short of amazing.

Check out the post for yourself!

[Image] The level of detail in this game is amazing. Before and after shooting the first bullet from my newly found silencer. DaysGone from r/PS4

Deacon’s Thoughts

Days Gone Attention To Detail Is Amazing

Bend Studio’s attention to detail within Days Gone isn’t limited to little visual cues. There are other elements, like the fact that Deacon actually comments on the in-game audio logs you find laying around. (He will also have something to say about Copeland’s propaganda-filled ramblings on Radio Free Oregon.)

To give you an example, when I was searching through my first NERO checkpoint in the game, I found an audio log on a desk. I listened to the audio log, which involved NERO scientists complaining about the outbreak. At the end, Deacon said something along the lines of “Welcome to my world.” These touches really show that attention to detail is a priority at Bend Studio, as most games often skip the protagonist’s opinion on certain events and collectibles.

Another example involved Copeland ranting on the radio about how the government is just waiting in hiding for the right time to reclaim the broken world. After the broadcast had finished, Deacon stated that Copeland was exaggerating and the only thing he was accurate about was the fact that NERO soldiers will open fire on sight.

I commend Bend Studio for taking the time to add in lines like these. They not only helps build up the world in Days Gone, but also give the players more insight into the mind of the game’s protagonist.

Brilliant Sound Design

Days Gone Attention To Detail Is Amazing

Lastly, Bend Studio went above and beyond with Days Gone through the game’s sound design. Seriously, it’s really something to behold! The sounds of gunshots have a certain punch to them. The screams of Freakers are especially unsettling, as you can hear them closing the gap on you as they run.

The game’s sound design makes for a more immersive experience that won’t take you out of the game as you play. You can hear rocks kick up and hit Deacon’s Drifter Bike as you travel across dirt roads. When shell casings eject from a gun, they will make different sounds depending on what type of surface they land on. These little touches definitely make the game better.

All in all, Bend Studio really went out of its way to make sure that they nailed even the smallest of details within Days Gone. It really makes the PlayStation exclusive stand out. Sure, graphics are important, but these sorts of elements can add an extra layer of polish onto an already great game. Brilliant sound design also goes a long way when it comes to any form of media, and Days Gone is no exception to that. I love that Bend actually paid attention to the fact that the oil filter suppressor wouldn’t have a hole in it until after a round was fired through it. Most games would have overlooked a detail like that and just excused it as not being a big deal. Considering this is Bend Studio’s first AAA game in years, it really hit this one out of the park!

Have you had a chance to play Days Gone yet? If so, what do you think of the game’s sound design and visual details? Are there any other interesting elements that you have found in your time playing the game? Let us know in the comments below! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the game, you can purchase it on Amazon.

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