You’ll Have to Play Dying Light 2 More Than Once to Experience Everything

Since the title’s E3 2018 reveal, Techland has continuously gushed about everything that will be featured in Dying Light 2. Much of the variety available will stem from player-choice, as decision-making is a major part of the experience. However, the extent of it all has remained quite the mystery until now. Apparently, Dying Light 2 fans should anticipate playing through the sequel multiple times if they want to experience everything the game has to offer.

Dying Light 2 Producer Kornel Jaskula made this clear during a recent interview with GamesRadar. Because player decisions will help shape the sequel’s game world and narrative, Jaskula said Techland is developing an extensive amount of content. “It’s almost like we are creating several games worth of content right now,” he explained. “We are designing the game with the foundation that some of the players will miss content and we are okay with that.”

It seems Techland has no qualms about this as the studio believes branching choices and such will encourage players to replay the game. If players don’t intend to return for their own new playthrough, at least the option to experience everything again in co-op will be available. In speaking to GamesRadar about this, Jaskula said,

Thanks to the variety of stories, missions, content and assets, we believe that it will make players want to play the game again and again or try to play with other players in co-op to see their worlds. That’s something that we established as a foundation at the very beginning [of development], it’s one of our design goals, and it’s something that we still keep in mind.

Fans are likely to receive an extensive rundown of what all of this will entail in just a few weeks. Techland recently confirmed that Dying Light 2 will make an appearance at E3 2019. What the team plans to show off of the game currently remains unknown.

Dying Light 2 doesn’t have a release date, but is expected to launch sometime in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: GamesRadar via MP1st]