Overwatch Getting Another Free Trial Alongside Third Anniversary Event on May 21

Overwatch is all set to celebrate its third birthday on Tuesday, May 21st, with an anniversary event and a customary free trial for everyone.

The anniversary event will run from May 21st to June 10th. The free trial will begin on May 21st and end on May 28th. Those who avail the free trial will be able to participate in the anniversary event as well.

Six new legendary skins and three new epic skins are being added to the game. Ashe, Baptiste, and Wrecking Ball will get dance emotes to mark their first anniversary event. Alongside this, all previous anniversary items will return via loot boxes so if you haven’t had a chance to unlock cosmetics from previous years, you can try your luck now (or just unlock them with the in-game currency).

Seasonal brawls from previous years will be available in Arcade and will be rotated daily, including Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising.

Players who log in during the anniversary event will receive a complimentary legendary loot box that contains one legendary item. Those who purchase the bundle comprising of 50 loot boxes will receive an additional legendary loot box.

If you’re new to Overwatch and want to take part in the free trial then you can start your download right away on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You’ll have access to all the in-game content on May 21st except for the Competitive mode.

Trial version’s progress will be carried over to the full game, should you wish to make a purchase. Blizzard still has plenty of content in the pipeline for its hit shooter so it’s never too late to jump in!

Not enough? A workshop feature, which allows players to tweak the game’s script and create their own modes and mechanics, is currently being beta tested and will be rolled out in the near future.

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