Marvel’s Spider-Man Has Received Another Appealing Price Drop

If you’re not one of the nearly 10 million people that have already invested money and time into Marvel’s Spider-Man, you’re in luck. Spider-Man’s acclaimed PlayStation 4 adventure has recently received another price drop. This time, the price has gone from $40 to $35. Sure, it’s nothing to write home about, but that $5 in savings may be the perfect push for someone sitting on the fence about making a purchase.

Based on the title’s listing on Amazon and Best Buy, this price drop may be a brief one. Presently, there’s no way of knowing for how long this particular sale will remain intact. Therefore, those interested in picking the game up would be wise to act as quickly as possible.

Earlier this year, both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Detroit: Become Human received permanent price drops. Insomniac’s latest dropped to the aforementioned $40 price point. Meanwhile, Quantic Dream’s futuristic sci-fi title fell to $20. It’s currently hard to determine how the new prices have benefitted sales, particularly with regards to Spider-Man. Sales data hasn’t been updated for months. In fact, the most recent figure comes from late in November 2018, which placed the title at over nine million units sold. Because this number only represents two months of sales data, it’s reasonable to assume sales of the Insomniac title are exponentially higher.

In saving money on the game itself, new purchasers may also consider grabbing The City That Never Sleeps DLC for Spider-Man. Three expansions were released for the DLC pack, each of which told their own story. The first round of DLC, The Heist, brought Black Cat into the forefront, as she played such a small role in the game’s main campaign. Spider-Man’s second expansion, Turf Wars, saw Hammerhead vie for control of New York. Finally, the Silver Lining expansion gave some much needed love to the fan-favorite Silver Sable.

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