There May Be Multiple Models of the Next PlayStation VR

While Sony has been teasing its plans for the next generation of home console hardware, the company has kept pretty silent about what’s next for its VR device. Sure, patents and such have surfaced online, hinting at the evolution of PlayStation VR. However, nothing official has come to light just yet. That’s still the case, but Sony’s Senior VP of R&D, Dominic Mallinson, recently lifted the veil in many respects. For one, it’s possible the next iteration of PlayStation VR will involve multiple models.

Mallinson expressed this during a talk at Collision 2019 in Toronto. When asked whether the next PSVR could be modular, Mallinson seemed to confirm this will not be the case. However, he did tease the potential of more than one SKU for the device’s next iteration. In fact, Sony could have its eyes on producing “introductory” and “high-end” models, according to Mallinson,

I talked about wireless, for example. That’s one easy way to do it. Here’s a wired headset. You can take the wire and replace it with wireless. And then you can have a range. So you can have an introductory model and a high-end model. That’s something we’ve done with PlayStation 4. We could do that with PSVR.

Of course, this does not mean Mallinson’s examples will come to fruition. It’s still an interesting topic of discussion, however, especially when considering Sony’s recent VR patents. One in particular concerns a point made by Mallinson, a wireless device. Another patent suggests technology is being developed to provide players greater awareness of their surroundings. We won’t know what Sony has planned for these developments, if anything, until the company is ready to unveil its next VR device.

Whatever the future of PlayStation VR holds, those who own one should certainly keep their current model on-hand. The PlayStation 5 will indeed be compatible with existing PSVR models.

[Source: VentureBeat]