Beat Saber’s Second Song Pack is Coming June 10, Might be an Imagine Dragons Pack

Since Beat Saber became the hottest VR thing since, well, VR itself, fans have been anticipating the release of future music packs to continue to expand the game. The next music pack will release on June 10, and judging by Beat Games’ announcement on Twitter, it might feature a single artist or band for the entire 10-song collection. The developer isn’t quite ready to reveal that yet though, letting players speculate over a heavily pixelated image as a teaser.

One of the most popular guesses right now is that the blurred image is the cover art for the single “Natural” by Imagine Dragons, which released last year. If this is the case, it’s looking the entire music pack could be made up of Imagine Dragons music, based on the line “guess in the comments the name of the artist/band,” which hints that the whole pack will be from that one artist.

We don’t know if Beat Games intends to announce the artist ahead of time, or if we’ll have to wait for release day to find out what music we’re getting. June 10 is the Monday before E3 officially opens, so there could be an announcement incoming at one of the conferences, such as the UploadVR showcase that just so happens to be on that same day. It would make for a pretty big announcement for UploadVR’s first ever E3 conference.

The first Beat Saber music pack was the Monstercat Music Pack, featuring music from the Monstercat label, which releases a variety of EDM music. That was back in March. Since then, we got an additional free song with Crab Rave, another Monstercat track. Beat Games has said that they are exploring multiple genres of music outside of the pulsing beats of EDM, so it’s not surprising that the second music pack could feature an artist like Imagine Dragons. Frankly, even the suggestion has me excited, as the Monstercat music pack doesn’t feature my favorite music in the game.

It was recently revealed that Beat Saber became the first VR title to cross the million units sold mark, and now that it’s also available on Oculus Quest, that number has probably skyrocketed even higher. Beat Games is releasing all updates and music packs in parity with each other, which means that the second paid music pack coming on June 10 will release on all platforms at the same time.

What do you think the second Beat Saber music pack will feature? Is Imagine Dragons a good guess, or is it something else entirely?