Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation Western Release Dates Hit With a Minor Delay

After its success in Japan, Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation received North America and Europe in June release windows. However, it appears that the date has been pushed a little further back. Idea Factory, the publisher of the visual novel, announced on Twitter that Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation will release in North America on July 23rd and in Europe on July 26th. The Steam version of the game will also launch in tandem with the North American release on July 23rd.

Many replies to Idea Factory’s tweet inquired about the possibility of a limited edition. Idea Factory has responded with, “There will be more information coming in June! :)” Hopefully this little bit of a tease could indicate that the company has been working on a collector’s edition and will be releasing details on what it contains and how much it might be soon. Or, the company might reveal in June that it won’t be offering one. But if that’s the case, what’s up with that teasing smile?

The PlayStation 4 and Steam releases will include two of Date a Live‘s earlier titles, which were previously only available on the PlayStation 3, Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install. Rio Reincarnation will feature 11 different characters for the player to date, with over 150 in-game events to see. As part of the re-release, there will be new date endings and new event CGs to go along with them. All character portraits will be given more life-like animations during conversations. which will show the characters breathing and blinking. They will even have new conversation-specific reactions not seen in the original versions.

Date a Live Rio Reincarnation Kurumi

The Date A Live visual novels are based on the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko light novel series. Rio Reincarnation puts players in the shoes of Shido Itsuka, who was presumably a regular ol’ high school student, until he discovered that he had the ability to seal away the powers of Spirts. These Spirits have been appearing since mysterious spacequakes began happening around 30 years prior to where Rio Reincarnation starts off. Shido must now work to save the world and protect the Spirits that he begins to form bonds with. What better way is there to do that than going on as many dates as possible?

Keep your eyes peeled next month for more information on Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation. The game will be released on July 23rd and 26th in North America and Europe respectively. Idea Factory also has another Date a Live game planned for release in Japan sometime in September. Let us know if you’ll be picking up Rio Reincarnation, and if you have your wallets at the ready for a possible limited edition!

[Source: Idea Factory via Twitter]