Sony Wants You to Test Out Its Updated Party Features

Sony is looking to the community to test out its updated Party features before they’re released to the public. PlayStation 4 owners are invited to sign up for the Preview Program for a chance to try out the platform’s newest update before everyone else. It aims to improve overall Party functionality, most notably by increasing Party size.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to sign up on Sony’s website. Those familiar with the Preview Program knows it offers the chance to be among the first to experience software updates. These improved multiplayer features aim to make online play even better for players. Among the changes are improved audio quality for voice chat, as well as improved network connectivity. However, the most exciting change is the option for an increased Party size. Maximum Party size has doubled, with players now having the option to cap Parties off at 16 players, up from 8 players.

Excitingly, preview codes provided by Sony can be redeemed by up to 20 difference accounts. Sony certainly wants as many people as possible to test out these new improvements. Considering how this preview is so multiplayer-focused, allowing participants to test out the features with their friends makes sense.

Testers in the United States will even have the option to try out other features, as well. They’ll be able to sample the new chat transcription feature in the PS4 Second Screen app. This feature gives players even more options when utilizing voice chat. True to its name, chat transcription lets users convert Party members’ chat into text. In addition, they will have the option to turn text into chat that can be broadcast to everyone in the Party. Hopefully, this will make Party chat even more accessible.

Note that, if you take part in this preview, there will be some restrictions. Anyone testing the features will be unable to join Parties or use Share Play with those not part of the preview. Those taking part in the program will be denoted with an asterisk in front of their Party name, so you know exactly who you can interact with.

There’s no word on a final release date for this update.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]