You Can Now Preorder The Surge 2 and Its Limited Edition Online

Earlier today developer Deck13 Interactive announced plans to launch The Surge 2 later this year. At the time, other details concerning its launch were kept under wraps. Now, fans of the nascent action franchise can get ahead of the game and preorder their copy. In addition to preorders going live online, a Limited Edition exclusive to GameStop has just hit the web.

The Surge sequel is currently available for preorder at both Amazon and GameStop. At the latter, specifically, a Limited Edition costing the retail price of $59.99 USD is also available to preorder. The Surge 2 Limited Edition at GameStop features all of the following items listed below:

  • The Surge 2 Limited Edition – Only at GameStop Includes:
  • The Surge 2 Game in Exclusive Sleeve
  • Lenticular Exclusive Cover
  • Exclusive 8-page Comic Book
  • Double Poster with Artwork and Game Map
  • 3 Exclusive Lithographs

In preordering the above Limited Edition, customers will also gain access to the URBN Gear Pack, featuring a number of digital extras:

  • Warren’s most iconic weapon from The Surge: the well-used Cutter
  • The full-body URBN armor set
  • The URBN Judgement Axe
  • The URBN Skimmer Drone
  • The Lootscan.exe Radar Module
  • A unique online message icon.

Much like its predecessor, The Surge 2 will offer a challenging action-RPG experience. According to previews, the sequel aims to give players more of what they loved about the original. However, fans should anticipate a few notable differences. For example, game world will be much more open compared to the previous entry in the series. Additionally, Deck13 took feedback about the first game’s excessive difficulty. In an effort to combat this, the developer has designed more options with regards to how players can manage certain gameplay moments. What this entails remains to be seen.

The Surge 2 will hit store shelves this year on September 24th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source via Wario64 on Twitter]