Amazon Spain Has Leaked Zombie Army 4: Dead War

It’s that time of year, folks: The time when we see lots of leaks and reveals leading up to E3, especially ones from retailers. This time, it looks like we’ll be getting a new game from the Zombie Army series, which is a spin-off from the Sniper Elite franchise. These two titles are developed by Rebellion and have a solid fan-base. According to a leak from Amazon Spain, the new entry will be titled Zombie Army 4: Dead War and will be available for the PS4 and other platforms.

Based on a Google-translated description of the game, it looks like there will be some interesting inclusions. The listing is as follows:


If you thought you were safe, you’re totally wrong. We are in 1946. Europe is in ruins, torn by the nefarious “Plan Z”. A brave band of heroes manages to throw the Führer into hell, but they know little. Hitler’s Hordes are back looking for more. Face the darkness in single-player mode or join your friends as we make your way through the undead Nazis in this spooky shooting game from the creators of Sniper Elite 4.

Key Features

  • A creepy new campaign for one to four players.
  • Epic weapons, skills, and improvements.
  • The largest horde mode ever made.
  • The X-ray camera that breaks organs returns.

One important thing to note is that at the end of May 2019, developer and publisher Rebellion teased “a major unannounced new title.” Zombie Army 4: Dead War is likely that game, unless the studio has yet another project in the works along with Evil Genius 2 and Sniper Elite VR. That seems unlikely, though.

Zombie Army

We’ll know for sure if this Amazon Spain leak turns out to be real, but it certainly seems like it is. The listing doesn’t include a release date for the title, other than a window of 2020.

Are you excited at the idea of another Zombie Army game? Let us know!

[Source: Gematsu]