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Madness Will Haunt You in Silver Chains Later This Year

Late in 2018, developer Cracked Head Games and publisher Headup Games revealed Silver Chains, a first-person horror title set in an abandoned house. The experience was originally slated to hit the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One in spring 2019. It didn’t end up making that release window. Now, Silver Chains will launch on PC (GoG and Steam) on August 6, 2019. Meanwhile, console players will have a chance to explore the madness on an unspecified date in the final three months of this year.

Take a look at what Silver Chains has in store in the video below:

Silver Chains follows Peter, a man who crashes his car into a tree and later awakes in an abandoned Victorian mansion. Not fully understanding the circumstances of his arrival, Peter immediately sets out to escape. Yet, it appears someone, or something, in the not-so-abandoned mansion does not want him to leave. This is obviously how players will enter into the picture, exploring the mansion, solving puzzles, and finding clues. Apparently, some of these discoveries will indicate that Peter’s previously ventured into the mansion on another occasion.

According to the title’s Steam page, photo-realistic graphics will detail Silver Chains’ dark interiors and haunting setting. The emphasis on narrative will provide the icing on the cake, apparently. In addition to looking for a way in which to escape the house, players also must uncover the secrets responsible for the residence’s abandonment. Doing so will be no easy task, of course. An evil lurks about the home, and, as noted before, it does not seems to keen on letting Peter exit its walls alive.

Admittedly, this title has somewhat of an Amnesia vibe to it, but audiences will get to judge for themselves later this year.

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