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Platformer Gravity Ghost is Coming to PS4 With Over a Dozen New Challenge Levels

In 2015, Ivy Games announced plans to launch its planetary platformer Galaxy Ghost on the PlayStation 4. The release was supposed to feature content exclusive to the platform. While the title did see the light of day on PC, the PS4 version seemed to never gain steam beyond the reveal phase. Apparently, that’s all changed now. Ivy Games has announced a PS4 iteration of Galaxy Ghost once more, Galaxy Ghost: Deluxe Edition. It is slated to hit the platform on August 6, 2019. Similar to the previous reveal, the developer is promising exclusive content for buyers on PlayStation 4.

According to Ivy Games, via a post on Gematsu, the additional content includes a new constellation, which will feature a total of “13 challenge levels and three bonus tracks.” In addition, PS4 gamers will have access to unlock a brand-new playable character, Voy the ghost fox.

For a look at what to expect, check out the trailer for Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition in the video below:

In a statement about Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition’s impending PlayStation 4 release, Ivy Games Founder, Erin Robinson Swink, said the following:

After three years of pouring my heart and soul into development, I was excited to share the game with the world. I knew this was my best work but was still unsure of how it would be received. After the exceedingly positive reaction to Gravity Ghost from gamers and the media upon its PC release, I had to bring it to the PlayStation community.

In Gravity Ghost, players orbit around a hand-painted world of wonder. While the planetary platformer seems a stunning display of gameplay mechanics, there’s something else just as compelling that rests at the heart of the experience–a touching story about childhood.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Ashly Burch and Transistor‘s Logan Cunningham lent their voices to the Ivy Games title. Meanwhile, music from Celeste and FTL: Faster than Light Composer Ben Prunty is said to perfectly accentuate the emotionally moving experience.

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