Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Says He Would Love to Work With Meryl Streep

CD Projekt RED managed to hire the talents of one of the biggest names in Hollywood for Cyberpunk 2077 but if presented the opportunity, the studio would love to work with a number of other high-profile celebrities.

During an interview with GAME, quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz revealed that if he was able to pick someone other than Keanu Reeves to work on Cyberpunk 2077, he’d love to have Oscar-winner Meryl Streep on board. He then went on to envision the type of role the actress could play.

Oh my god, this is difficult. Ah, there’s so many great actors I love… Like, I love Meryl Streep, for example. I love Devil Wears Prada, and it would be great to have her as one of the characters in the game. She could be totally one of the big corporate characters in the game. I can picture this. 

Don’t rule out the possibility of Cyberpunk 2077 employing more Hollywood talent. In a recent interview with Video Games Chronicle, CD Projekt RED’s Alvin Liu was specifically asked if players could expect to see anyone other than Keanu Reeves, to which he said:

Uh… I can’t comment on that! You guys are going to have to wait and see.

However, what we do know is that the studio isn’t just looking to hire celebrities for the sake of having a star-studded cast. As Liu told VGC:

CDPR is a video game company first and it’s very important to us that the match works. If it was a random celebrity that just wouldn’t work with our franchise, like Britney Spears or something, we wouldn’t pursue that opportunity. So for us, we pursue it because it’s a great match for the game and not necessarily because we want to accomplish some goal with reaching a different audience or anything like that.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release on April 16, 2020.

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