The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Has Been Delayed in NA and EU

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III has been delayed in North America and Europe. This news comes after the original announcement that the game would be launching September 24, 2019. It will now release on October 22, 2019 outside of Japan.

The company’s tweet is as follows:

The release of Trails of Cold Steel III will be postponed to October 22 in NA and EU to ensure as successful a launch window as possible. A demo will be released prior to the game’s release with details to come. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.

Luckily, the delay isn’t too substantial, so you’ll only have to wait an extra month to get your hands on it if you live in North America or Europe. Trails of Cold Steel III has been out in Japan since September 2017, so by the time it releases here, it will already be two years old.

Trails of Cold Steel III will play a lot like the previous entries, with an emphasis on its turn-based battles. Although, there will be minor differences and improvements, like the implementation of seamless transitions into its fights.

This entry will also see the inclusion of new characters, which you can read all about in our breakdown here. Some of the characters in the upcoming JRPG include Rean Schwarzer, Kurt Vander, Juna Crawford, Altina Orion, Musse Egret, and Ash Carbide.

Hopefully, this delay will ensure the game will be of high quality when it is finally released. The previous entry, Trails of Cold Steel II, performed well critically, earning praise from various critics across various outlets. In our review of the PS4 version, we praised its world-building, gameplay, and inclusion of giant robots.

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[Source: Twitter]