Get Your Acting Chops Ready for Comedy Action Title Roguelike Hero

Roguelike Hero will have players adopt the role of a walk-on actor, who puts his best foot forward to battle his way across numerous action film sets. This action comedy title from publisher X.D. Network and developer Carrya.Tec will eventually come to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. At the time of writing, the publisher and developer have yet to unveil a release date for the game.

X.D. Network has described Roguelike Hero as a project heavily inspired by beloved Hong Kong filmmaker and actor, Stephen Chow, who has a legendary “trolling comedy style.” The influence of Chow’s trolling will be most evident in the trolling from the game’s very own so-called “hero,” who prefers to fight dirty with sucker punches and other questionable tactics. Such behavior will be reflected in Roguelike Hero’s “trolling mechanics” and gameplay.

The game’s reveal trailer seems to show off a few of its wacky mechanics. Check it out in the video below:

The core of Roguelike Hero’s experience rests with the protagonist, a walk-on actor who can’t seem to land a decent role. Action movie sets represent the title’s levels. To progress through each one and complete filming, players will engage in ridiculous battles with a variety of enemies and other silly set pieces. As expected, some of the absurdity will come down to outright slapstick comedy. For example, there’s a “fart counter move.” Players will also get to experience with moves involving a “spit attack.”

Whenever it eventually launches, Roguelike Hero is set to offer a host of features. The action game’s combat system will fit two different types of playstyles: that of the button mashing variety and a more skilled approach. Numerous enemy types will appear throughout the game, and all manner of gear and items will help players get through each. While gameplay seems like it could be Roguelike Hero’s most appealing aspect, details about its “unique comedy plot” may also be worth keeping an eye out for.

[Source: X.D. Network via Gematsu]