Remedy’s Control Will Take Roughly 20 Hours to Beat if Players Explore and Complete Side Missions

Remedy Entertainment’s Communications Director, Thomas Puha, has told IGN that Control takes around 20 hours to complete if players explore, complete “every” side mission, find lore collectibles, complete the Bureau Alerts, etc.

As previously reported, the main campaign is set to be 10-15 hours long, which means the side content roughly adds another five hours of gameplay. Although this might seem like a short length to some, Remedy has reminded players that Control is a non-linear, challenging game. How much time players take to beat it depends on their play style and how “meticulously” they play.

That said, players who go for a second playthrough and/or know what they’re doing can beat the game in less than 10 hours.

“It’s difficult to give an accurate answer because it really depends on the player and how meticulously you play the game,” said Puha. “Control is just not a linear game, though you can just focus on the campaign missions. On average we’ve seen it takes 10-15 hours to get through the campaign, but if you know replay it a few times and know what you are doing, of course you can get through a lot faster.”

The game is also set to receive two expansions and “other content” post launch that will increase play time. Further details will be announced in due course.

Control, which recently went gold, will release on August 27, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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[Source: IGN]