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EA Erases Posts from Need for Speed’s Official Social Media Feeds

Something weird is afoot on some of Need for Speed‘s social media feeds. It appears Electronic Arts is removing videos and posts related to the franchise. A quick look at the results for “Need for Speed channel” on YouTube indicates that the franchise’s channel is home to no less than 238 videos. However, clicking the channel itself shows only a single video. Need for Speed’s official Instagram page has been similarly scrubbed, though all seems normal with regards to the series’ Twitter account.

The screenshot below is of Need for Speed’s channel listing on YouTube when looking up search results:

need for speed youtube

As noted above, clicking on the channel itself reveals only one upload from the account. Curiously, the one upload isn’t even a video. Rather, the channel features a still image for Need for Speed’s upcoming reveal event, complete with a reminder of the date and time. According to the reminder, the game’s trailer will go live on August 14th at 6 am PST.

Its Instagram is a similar story of EA’s laying waste to the Need for Speed account’s previous posts. At the time of writing, the page has approximately 1.3 million followers, yet zero posts. You can see this reflected in the screenshot below:

need for speed youtube

According to the Wayback Machine, this hasn’t always been the case. As of July 24, 2015, Need for Speed’s Instagram account boasted over 134,000 followers and 259 posts.

Evidently, these actions are a part of an effort to prepare for the new game’s forthcoming announcement. It also indicates that maybe there may be bigger reason behind the simple NFS branding on these social media feeds and the title’s official website. Might the franchise’s new entry simply be titled Need for Speed? This certainly seems like a possibility.

All of our burning questions and more will receive answers tomorrow during the reveal trailer. A release date may also be announced, as the new Need for Speed is still on track to launch sometime this year.

[Source via MP1st]