AC Odyssey’s Next Story Creator Mode Update to Add New Choice and NPC Features

The team at Ubisoft Quebec is preparing to launch another update for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey‘s Story Creator Mode. On August 22nd, the mode’s latest additions will introduce new features for choices and NPCs. The update is scheduled to go live during Story Creator Mode’s downtime, which will start at 9 am PST and end within 30 minutes. Once the mode becomes active again, players should begin noticing updated changes and improvements.

The addition of new choice options for AC Odyssey’s Story Creator will allow players to become more inventive with the dialogue possibilities. According to the update’s patch notes, these changes will most notably affect the way players are allowed to convey emotion with their dialogue options.

On Ubisoft’s forums page, the developer posted patch notes for the upcoming Story Creator Mode update. See them listed below:

General Improvements

Story Creator Mode

  • New Features:
    • Random Choice Hub: Allows the creator to set a probability of a choice to be randomly chosen. Give more personality to your dialogues with more ways to express joy, sadness or anger. Better yet, make your own Rock-Paper-Scissor game in a dialogue.
    • NPC Icons: NPCs will now be shown on the map to help creators locate where they are spawned and keep the objectives close by.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvement: Obsolete map information is cleared when a Quest has been deleted, e.g. Zones from Zone Starter and Go To Objective.
  • Fixed: Overlapping text in Kill Objective targets.

Odyssey’s Story Creator Mode launched earlier this summer, giving players a new way to experience and manipulate narrative in the open-world title. While there are fans who worked to craft something inventive, there were others who used the opportunity to create quests that make earning XP easier. Ubisoft quickly nipped it in the bud, removing “farming quests” that the publisher considered exploitative.

[Source: Ubisoft Forums via Assassin’s Creed on Twitter]