Little Nightmares 2 Will Be a ‘Bigger Game’ Compared to the Original

The gamescom: Opening Night Live presentation featured quite a few surprises. One in particular concerned  Tarsier Studios’ reveal of Little Nightmares II. Since then, the development team has been able to offer more insights about the highly-anticipated sequel. Notably, the new title will be a more expansive experience compared to its predecessor. This doesn’t only take the game’s size into consideration; enemy types and environments will also be improved.

Producer Lucas Roussel addressed the topic during a gamescom 2019 interview with Twinfinite. According to Roussel, many changes came because of feedback from players. One major criticism of Little Nightmares had to do with its length. Apparently, that’s been rectified this time around. Roussel explained how with the following statement,

We had a lot of feedback for the first game, very positive but also things that we could improve. I think one of those was the game’s length felt a bit short. This time we’re targeting for a bigger game with more environments, more variety, and more enemies.

Roussel told Twinfinite that while the developers have an estimated figure in mind, the team isn’t ready to reveal how long the sequel will be.

In addition, Little Nightmares II will tackle the original experience’s checkpoint system, which the team at Tarsier Studios felt could use an update. Roussel added,

Also we could have done better with some of the checkpoint systems, when you respawn and the loading times when you respawn that were a bit long. That’s something we took into consideration and we’re going to improve for the second game.

Little Nightmares II will see have players following Six again, though a new character named Mono will join the experience, too. Throughout the game, the duo will share one common goal–reach a location known as the Signal Tower.

At present, Little Nightmares II lacks an official release date. However, Tarsier Studios does plan to launch it sometime in 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Twinfinite]