Yuna Is Getting Her Songstress Costume in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Earlier today, Square Enix revealed a new costume coming to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Final Fantasy X’s Yuna, one of the characters added as part of the game’s season pass, will be getting her songstress outfit from Final Fantasy X-2. Square Enix has not announced a release date for the costume but “more information” is coming soon.

While the game originally released in 2015 as a competitive arcade fighter in Japan, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT came to western audiences via PS4 in 2018 and was later ported to PC. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT hasn’t made the biggest splash in the fighting game community, likely due to its quirky three-on-three battles and relatively simplistic combat systems.

Nevertheless, Square Enix has continued consistently supporting the game for the community that has stuck around with new costumes, weapons, stages, and characters. Yuna from Final Fantasy X was revealed to be joining the roster late last year. Recently, Tifa Lockhart was announced as the latest new fighter in June, likely to coincide with her reveal in Square’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake

For those looking to try Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix launched a handy free-to-play version. This version of the game allows players to use four free characters that rotate every week. It’s important to note that none of the DLC characters are included in the weekly free roster. The free-to-play version also does not allow players to access the story but they can play online and offline matches to their heart’s content. If you end up enjoying the game, you can purchase the full version or a variety of character starter packs that’ll give you access to whoever you like to play most.

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[Source: Square Enix]