ThreeZero’s Gorgeous Anthem Figure Has LED Features and Will Set You Back Over $200

Late last month, designer figure manufacturer ThreeZero unleashed a preview of its Anthem figure. The 1/6 scale Ranger Javelin piece looked good in prototype images, but photos of the actual statue are beyond stunning. ThreeZero just released a whole host of such photos, while also sharing new details and a price point. Unsurprisingly, this figurine is pretty expensive, running $249. Preorders will go live on September 10th on the manufacturer’s official online store. For now, it doesn’t appear as though ThreeZero is ready to announce information about a release date.

The Ranger Javelin figure stands just over 14 inches tall, and features more than 27 points of articulation. It’s detailed sculpt helps sell its appearance, with carefully textured nicks and scratches to represent the wear and tear Javelin exosuits sustain while in the world of Anthem. ThreeZero’s statue even has LED lights for the Javelin’s eyes and jetpack thrusters.

Everything that will come packaged with the product is listed below:

  • Approximately 14.2” (36cm) tall articulated figure
  • Completely original body with over 27 points of articulation
  • Highly-detailed sculpt replicating realistic textures
  • Metallic weathering and multi-layered paint application
  • LED lighting features:
    • Eyes
    • Jetpack
  • Interchangeable hands:
    • Relaxed hands x 1 pair
    • Fists x 1 pair
    • Right hand gripping x 1
    • Left hand for weapon support x 1
  • Accessory
    • Assault rifle

See the newly released images of the ThreeZero figure in the following gallery:

On the topic of Anthem itself, BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson recently updated fans about the title’s future. The short of it seems rather simple: Change is coming, but it will ultimately take some time. Still, players should expect to continue to see new content and features roll out, while the teams at BioWare’s Austin and Edmonton offices build towards “the long-term vision of the game.”

Anthem is available now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: ThreeZero via The Toyark]