ThreeZero Will Make Anthem Figurines, With a Ranger Javelin Flying in First

Designer figure manufacturer ThreeZero has revealed its new line of figurines will be based on BioWare’s Anthem. For now, details on the 1/6 scale collectibles are pretty scarce. Still, ThreeZero recently took to Facebook, posting a preview image of the Ranger Javelin figure. According to The Toyark, more concrete information should be available in the coming days.

For a quick look at ThreeZero’s 1/6 Ranger Javelin collectible figure, see the preview image the company shared below:

ranger javelin figure

If this a photo of an early build, it will likely be a high quality product. This means it’s likely to cost a pretty penny. For example, ThreeZero’s 1/6 scale figure for One-Punch Man costs $190. The manufacturer has a Subject Delta and Little Sister from BioShock 2 figurine worth $280. With that in mind, the Anthem collectible is likely to fall somewhere within that price range.

Since its launch this past February, Anthem’s been on shaky ground. The turbulence hasn’t seemed to calm, either. Just recently, Lead Producer Ben Irving left BioWare after having been at the company for eight years. Irving’s departure came only a few months following the resignation of another studio lead, Michael Gamble, who exited his role as BioWare’s Lead Producer in May 2019.

Regardless of Anthem’s very troublesome launch window, BioWare is continuing its support for the online shooter. The title’s most recent patch, Update 1.3.0, went live earlier this month. With this update, the studio introduced the long in development Cataclysm Event. Update 1.3.0 also brought with it a slew of bug fixes, story missions for Cataclysm, new melee weapons, new gear, three additional weapon classes, and much more.

Anthem is out now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: ThreeZero on Facebook via The Toyark]