Kojima Is Already Preparing for His Next Project After Death Stranding

According to a recent post from Hideo Kojima’s personal Twitter account, production on Death Stranding seems to be coming along nicely. In fact, the team at Kojima Productions is currently polishing the upcoming PlayStation 4 title, while also getting things ready for its big showing at Tokyo Game Show in a couple of days. Yet, within these reveals came even more interesting news. Apparently, Kojima already has preparations of some sort in place for his “next project.”

Check out the Twitter post in question below, which also hints at the creator’s affinity for crabs. Yes, crabs.

Of course, there’s no way of knowing what the “next project” from Kojima Productions could entail. Given Kojima’s track record, it could be any number of things: A Death Stranding follow-up, his return to the stealth genre, or maybe he will take another crack at horror. Whatever it is, details are bound to surface when fans least expect it. Remember, P.T.’s original announcement came in the guise of an indie project from a small team.

While the wait for Kojima’s next experience slowly builds, fans have plenty to look forward to with regards to Death Stranding. Again, there are big plans in place for the title’s Tokyo Game Show 2019 showing. Two gameplay demos will be shown off at the event, one spanning 50 minutes with the other running for 30. TGS will kick off this week on September 12th and close on September 15th.

Death Stranding will launch later this year on November 8th for the PlayStation 4. On November 12th, publisher Titan Books will release The Art of Death Stranding for $39.95.

[Source: Hideo Kojima on Twitter via DualShockers]