Sony Now Owns the Rights to Insomniac’s Past Projects, Including Sunset Overdrive

Following Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac Games, questions arose about what the future may holds for the studio’s many IPs. In particular, people might have wondered what would happen with Sunset Overdrive, which was formerly an Xbox One exclusive. Interestingly, it seems these questions have finally been answered. Sony does indeed now hold the rights to Insomniac’s existing properties, which includes Sunset Overdrive.

During Tokyo Game Show 2019, Japanese publication Inside-Games sat down with President of Worldwide studios for Sony Interactive Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida. When asked about Sunset Overdrive, Yoshida merely stated, “SIE holds the rights to past Insomniac works.” Upon being pressed more specifically about Sunset Overdrive’s history on the Xbox One, Yoshida again answered rather vaguely, saying he’s “looking forward to future titles” from Insomniac.

Unsurprisingly, not much can be gleaned from Yoshida’s brief statements. However, it does appear as though he confirmed Sunset Overdrive is now owned by Sony. Could this mean the franchise will see the light of day once more?

Sunset Overdrive launched on the Xbox One in October 2014 to much acclaim. The title’s visuals, humor, and gameplay were lauded above all else, and it remains one of the platform’s most celebrated experiences. However, it did eventually make its way to PCs.

In Sunset Overdrive, the world of Sunset City ruined following the contamination of energy drinks. Because of said contamination, citizens left and right are being transformed into mutant creatures. All bets are off. The city is yours to explore, with plenty of wall-running, vaulting, and grinding fun to be had. This experience also flips the script on traditional third-person shooters, as Insomniac’s storied creative implementation of unique weaponry and tools makes the gameplay incredibly dynamic. All things considered, it’s no surprise Sunset Overdrive fans are eager for more.

[Source: Inside-Games via Push Square]