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Sonic the Hedgehog Co-Creator is Developing New Action Game for Square Enix

Yuji Naka, lead programmer and co-creator of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, is celebrating his 54th birthday. Naka’s celebration involves big news for fans of his work, though. For the first time since joining Square Enix last year, the developer has teased his next project. Apparently, the industry veteran is hard at work on an “original action game” for the publisher.

Naka shared this exciting bit of information in a recent post on his personal Twitter page. See the tweet in question linked below:

As for what specifically Naka is developing, that much he did not divulge. Whatever it may be is bound to be an enjoyable experience, however, per his original announcement about joining Square Enix. The former Sonic developer began working with Square Enix in January 2018. At the time, he only revealed his plan to produce “an enjoyable game.” Based on Naka’s most recent update concerning the project, it seems he may indeed be doing just that.

Yuji Naka joined the industry in the early 1980s, taking on a role at Sega. The 1984 action title Girl’s Garden served as the programmer’s first big project at the company, where he worked alongside Hiroshi Kawaguch, a Sega programmer who would later become better known for his work as a composer.

1991’s Sonic the Hedgehog counts as Naka’s first major hit. His contribution to the seminal game cannot be understated, as his expertise was integral to the core of the Sonic experience.

[Source: Yuji Naka on Twitter via Twinfinite]