Journey Through the Triumphs and Tragedies of Life in Arise: A Simple Story

Life has its ups and downs and triumphs and tragedies. Can this reality be faithful reflectioned in video game form? We may eventually find out, as Arise: A Simple Story aims to do just that and then some. The title, announced during the September 2019 State of Play, will comes from Piccolo Studio and serves as the team’s debut game. Techland Publishing (Dying Light) is publishing the project.

See Arise’s premiere trailer below, as it was presented during yesterday’s State of Play broadcast:

A PlayStation Blog post from Piccolo Studio’s General Manager, Alexis Corominas, offered a bit more insight about the overall experience. Arise will present a “rollercoaster of emotions,” which begins at a funeral pyre. From there, the protagonist will later wake up in limbo, beckoned along by a bright light that hovers above a mountaintop. The journey of Arise will begin in earnest with the character’s newfound goal aimed at reaching the snowy mountain.

Along the way, the protagonist will have to relive moments from their life, many of them happy times, while others are sad. Players will have some semblance of control over things, courtesy of the “gift to bend time.” Details on how exactly such a gameplay feature will work currently remain under wraps.

In the blog post, Corominas explained that Arise’s narrative takes inspiration from the lives of Piccolo’s team members. The idea came at a time of reflection, pondering whether or not they’ll be happy with themselves 30 years from now. Arise, then, is emblematic of a kind of crossroads kind of in life, as well as the journey to move through the next phase. For Piccolo, such a crossroads began when members of the studio quit their previous jobs to pursue the project that will eventually become installed on PS4s the world over.

Piccolo Studio’s Arise: A Simple Story does not yet have a release, but will come to the PlayStation 4 “soon.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]