Dragon Ball FighterZ Will be Adding SSGSS Gogeta and DLC Character Free Trials

One of the series’ most powerful Saiyans, Gogeta (SSGSS), will be making his way to Dragon Ball FighterZ very soon. Starting on September 26, 2019, you’ll be able to download Gogeta (SSGSS) as part of the game’s FighterZ Pass 2. But that’s not all:  Dragon Ball FighterZ will be adding a new way to try out paid DLC characters with limited time free trials. Two trials are already scheduled for 2019, with more planned for the future.

Gogeta is the ultimate fusion of Goku and Vegeta, and the character will be joining Jiren, Videl, Goku (GT), and Janemba as part of the FighterZ Pass 2. Aside from that, Broly (DBS) will also be added as the pack’s final character at an unannounced date. You can purchase the FighterZ Pass 2 right now for $24.99.

In terms of the free DLC trials, the first one will debut on October 12th, It will allow you to battle it out as the base versions of Goku and Vegeta. The second one will feature Zamasu and Cooler and will be made available on November 2nd. These short campaigns will give you a chance to try DLC characters before you buy them. Also, at the moment, they only allow people to test out characters from the second season pass. Currently, it’s unclear how long each trial will last. Bandai Namco has promised more free trial campaigns for the future, as well.

Will you be jumping into Dragon Ball FighterZ to check out Gogeta? What about the upcoming DLC free trial campaigns? Let us know!

[Source: YouTube]