BB Will Speak Through the DualShock 4 in Death Stranding

Not every game utilizes every feature on the DualShock 4. The controller’s speaker arguably is one of the more underused features. Some games may use it to relay extraneous sound effects, like Infamous: Second Son’s spray can. Other titles use it for voice recordings that can be found in the game world. According to Kojima, Death Stranding players will also have the option to make use of the DualShock 4’s speaker, as BB’s voice will be heard through it.

Kojima revealed the optional feature in a post on his personal Twitter account. See the tweet in question linked below:

The wording of Kojima’s tweet seems to suggest BB’s voice will only come through the speaker in the translucent DualShock 4s from Death Stranding’s Limited Edition PS4 Pro. However, this could simply be a misinterpretation of what he meant due to context getting lost in translation. As such, it is possible all players, regardless of which DualShock 4 they own, will have the option to hear BB speak through the controller’s speaker.

Kojima’s upcoming title has been in the news plenty of late. Earlier this month, a good portion of the game was shown off during Tokyo Game Show 2019. One 50-minute demo walked viewers through the game’s open world and gameplay. Additionally, a shorter demo gave the public a pretty extensive look at Sam’s safe house area.

Death Stranding is now just over a month a way. It will come to the PlayStation 4 on November 8th.

[Source: Hideo Kojima on Twitter]