Preorders for the Decorative Death Stranding PS4 Pro Are Now Live on Amazon

During the September 2019 State of Play, Sony unveiled a new Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro, styled after Death Stranding. Some were having a hard time finding out where to preorder, though. Within a day, preorders went live on Best Buy and GameStop. Amazon seemed to have been left out in the cold, until now. Preorders for the $400 Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro have finally gone live on Amazon.

The white matte hardware with inky black handprints looks as though it would sit well beneath many an entertainment system. And the translucent DualShock 4, inspired by BB’s Pod, is quite the looker, too. Therefore, those who want it should probably act fast. Much sought after items tend to vanish quickly on Amazon.

Following the console’s preorder listing on UK’s GAME website, a bit of news about Death Stranding’s online functionality hit the internet. It’s not surprising information, but the upcoming title will not require players to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Expected outcome or not, this is fantastic news as the game’s asynchronous multiplayer seems as if it’ll be integral to the overall experience.

During a Tokyo Game Show demo, Kojima showcased a tease of what Death Stranding’s online functions entail. Players will have the option to leave behind objects in the open-world, for instance. Others who stumble across said materials can then leave a “like,” similar to some social media platforms.

Death Stranding, and its Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro, will launch in just over a month on November 8th. Publisher Titan Books will release The Art of Death Stranding art book days later on November 12th.

[Source: Amazon]

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