marvels avengers playable demo

EGX 2019 Attendees Will Get to Go Hands-On With a Playable Marvel’s Avengers Demo

For the first time, a UK audience will get a chance to try out Marvel’s Avengers, thanks to the upcoming EGX event. During the show, attendees will have access to a playable demo of the title. Virgin Media will host the playable demo event at the ExCel London, which is scheduled to last from October 17th to October 20th. In addition, fans should expect to see representatives from both Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix in attendance, including the former’s Studio Head, Scot Amos.

According to VG247, the playable demo the public will experience at EGX is the same demo Crystal Dynamics presented to press during E3 2019 and gamescom. At the time of writing, it remains unknown whether the demo will have received any significant updates between gamescom and EGX later in October.

Since Marvel’s Avengers‘ official unveiling at E3 2019, Crystal Dynamics has slowly shared more about what the overall experience entails. The gamescom demo provided some of the meatier content yet with regards to gameplay footage, running a touch under 19 minutes in length. Further details have surfaced since then, specifically where some of the moment-to-moment gameplay mechanics are concerned. For instance, the Avengers will have their own Heroics, special attacks that are wholly unique to each hero. Sharing bits of information about the characters and their abilities constitutes another way the studio’s been keeping fans in the loop. A recent character breakdown explores Black Widow’s backstory and combat prowess.

Marvel’s Avengers will fly onto store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One next year on May 15, 2020. Apparently, a collector’s edition is on the cards, though neither Square Enix nor Crystal Dynamics have unveiled anything of consequence. At the very least, fans can anticipate one of the collectibles to include a statue of Captain America from Gentle Giant Ltd.

[Source: VG247]