The 3 Special Attacks for Each Hero in Marvel’s Avengers Will Be Devastating to Foes

Recently, Crystal Dynamics let loose details about Marvel’s Avengers‘ robust combat system and specifically outlined what’s in store for Captain America. Now, new information has surfaced about combat, though special attacks known as Heroics take the spotlight this time. Cap was used again  as an example. The First Avenger, along with every other hero in the game, has a total of three Heroics. All are rather unique and helpful.

According to a lengthy thread on Marvel’s Avengers‘ official Twitter account, the three Heroic abilities consist of the following: Support, Assault, and Ultimate. Each of the Heroics will function based on a cooldown timer.

Support Heroics are beneficial to both the player and the rest of the Avengers. With Captain America’s support special, every enemy he hits gets tagged as a priority target for the whole team. Team members who attack one of Cap’s marked enemies will gain an increase in damage and health regeneration.

Activating his assault Heroic makes Cap throw his shield with “devastating force.” From there, the shield targets a total of five enemies, ricocheting between each one. Every one of these shield attacks will strike the five foes with a considerable amount of “stun and attack damage.”

Finally, Cap’s ultimate Heroic, dubbed the “Brooklyn Brawl,” causes the hero to slam his shield into the ground, emitting a huge Vibranium shockwave. This move is strong enough to send most of the enemies on screen soaring backwards. For a short period of time after the ultimate Heroic’s activation, Captain America’s damage, defense, and impact all receive a boost.

Apparently, there’s more than meets the eye where these special moves are concerned. As explained in the Twitter thread, players will have options to tweak Heroic attacks to their liking by specializing and improving them. This can be achieved thanks to the game’s gear and skill progression system.

Marvel’s Avengers will hit stores next year for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on May 15, 2020. A Collector’s Edition is planned, which will feature a statue of Captain America from Gentle Giant. However, specific details about the packaging in full are currently unknown.

[Source: Marvel’s Avengers on Twitter via MP1st]