Halloween Comes to Hitman 2 in Free October Update

Hitman developer IO Interactive, in collaboration with publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has announced the October content roadmap for Hitman 2 and it seems to be suitably spooky. Reimmersing themselves in the bald-headed role of silent assassin Agent 47, players can embark on a Halloween-themed mission said to “challenge all of their expectations” starting from Tuesday, October 22, 2019.

The aptly titled Halloween Escalation Contract will reward any players possessing the gall to best its ghoulishness with two mysterious unlockable items that are yet to be officially revealed. If that alone isn’t intriguing enough to draw you back into perhaps 2018’s greatest stealth game—just read our glowing review—there are also swanky new suits and four additional new items to be had. In total, that’s said to make for nine new items to add to Agent 47’s arsenal at the attractive price of $0.00.

The entire Hitman 2 October update roadmap is laid out chronologically below:

  • Riviera Restoration Escalation Contract – October 3rd
  • Divine Descendance Escalation Contract – October 10th
  • Legacy Elusive Target, “The Warlord” – October 11th
  • Trick or Treat Featured Contracts – October 17th
  • Legacy Challenge Packs – October 22nd
  • Halloween Escalation Contract – October 22nd
  • New Elusive Target, “The Serial Killer” – October 25th
  • Legacy Escalation Contracts – October 31st
  • Uninvited Challenge Pack – October 31st

That should be plenty to keep any prospective hitmen entertained throughout the whole month, and also off the streets, which is a win-win situation. Joking aside, this generous helping of free Halloween content comes as the latest in a long line from IO Interactive and continues to give Hitman 2 new life even almost a year after its initial release.

Of course, there’s also been plenty of paid content added to the game through its premium Expansion Pass as well. Perhaps most notably, players were tasked with performing a bank heist in New York, offering a unique spin on Hitman‘s generally more rigid structure.