the bradwell conspiracy release date

Uncover The Bradwell Conspiracy Next Week on Console and PC

Back in August, indie developer A Brave Plan and publisher Bossa Studios announced plans to launch The Bradwell Conspiracy in fall 2019. It would seem the companies intend to stay true to their promise, as the first-person narrative adventure arrives next week. The title will first land on the PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) on October 8th. Nintendo Switch players can purchase a copy on October 10th; Xbox One fans can do the same on October 11th.

Learn more about The Bradwell Conspiracy in the latest trailer from Bossa Studios:

The Bradwell Conspiracy stars an unnamed museum visitor, who awakes to chaos following a mysterious explosion at the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum. An injury limits how well the visitor can communicate. Luckily, Bradwell AR Smart Glasses allows them to send pictures to Amber, a Bradwell employee trapped elsewhere in the museum. Communicating with one another from afar, the two try their best to escape as the building slowly collapses.

Getting out will be no simple task, since a multitude of challenges lie in their wake. Some of them are rather surprising, as the player-character will incidentally stumble upon a secret underground complex. Hidden in the complex are pieces of technology, one in particular includes an SMP—a portable 3D printer.

The game’s art design is inspired by Brutalist art, giving the museum a look that will feel unique to the “Bradwell universe.” While venturing through the experience, players will have at their disposal a slew of gameplay mechanics. To solve The Bradwell Conspiracy’s many puzzles, each gameplay function will be of use.

[Source: Bossa Studios]