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PS4 Players Will Soon Get to Explore the Outer Wilds’ Mysterious Solar System

Open-world exploration game Outer Wilds landed on the PC and Xbox One earlier this year. Until a couple of weeks ago, it was unknown whether the Mobius Digital title would ever see the light of day on the PlayStation 4. In late September, a Korean Game Rating for Outer Wilds suggested a PS4 version was imminent. Now we know that much is indeed true. Outer Wilds will come to the PlayStation 4 next week on October 15th.

(Don’t get this game confused with The Outer Worlds, the sci-fi RPG by Fallout: New Vegas alums Obsidian.)

Mobius Digital Producer Kelsey Rice revealed the forthcoming Outer Wilds launch in a PlayStation Blog post. Rice’s article essentially provides an overview of what the game’s experience offers, though pricing details go without mention. However, given Outer Wilds‘ price on the Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 players should expect to pay around $24.99 come next Tuesday.

Outer Wilds places players in the shoes of an Outer Wilds Ventures recruit. As a space program, Outer Wilds Ventures’ key goal is to explore the in-game solar system. There’s a catch, though, a peculiar one that involves a 22-minute time-loop. At each 22-minute interval a nearby sun will explode. Unsurprisingly, the effect of the supernova results in the player character’s death.

When the character returns for another run of the cycle, the player must search for clues. The object is to figure out the mysteries of the solar system, hopefully to discover how best to effect change. While looking for clues, players will get to explore planets, moons, and a space station. Because a vast variety of dangers are ever-present, navigating each the solar system’s celestial bodies will present countless challenges.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]