How Action RPG Dusk Diver Recreates Taiwan Capital Taipei

Taking place in the Ximending district of Taipei, action-RPG Dusk Diver has you taking on the role of Yang Yumo, a young girl who accidentally finds herself becoming a warrior in a battle against gods and demons that have rifted into the city. JFI Games felt that, while Asia is a common setting for games, Taiwan is less so. They’ve put a lot of effort into making sure their depiction of Taipei is something new and interesting for players, while still being representative of the city.

Dusk Diver will start at Ximending Station. Part of the reasoning behind that is both because Taipei has a robust metro system to help people get around and that it’s easy to understand even for people who don’t speak Chinese. Many of the city’s stations have actually become landmarks, not unlike Grand Central Station in New York City.

Effort has also been put into recreating the city’s shopping district, offering up all the latest threads and anime collectibles to buy for your demon hunting needs. You’ll also get a chance to sit down and eat a meal, thanks to an equally robust food scene that features both street food and traditional restaurants.

However, no city is a city without night life. While dusk, specifically the time between 5pm and 7pm, is the most dangerous time of day, it may be worth braving for a chance to check out the various clubs and bars that are present in Taipei. If nothing else, you can always do some parkour over the roofs of buildings, letting you possibly get places without a fight.

Dusk Diver will be launching on October 29th. You can get the details on its day one edition over here.