The MediEvil Remake’s Bestiary Took Inspiration from Fan Fiction

Folks who played the Short-Lived MediEvil demo recently may have stumbled upon a new addition–a bestiary. In addition to upgrading the original title’s visual and gameplay mechanics, Other Ocean Emeryville also took the liberty of expanding MediEvil’s lore. In the all-new bestiary, players will learn in depth information about MediEvil’s various creatures. Interestingly, some of these details, such as those for the Jabberwocky, were taken from fan fiction.

Other Ocean Emeryville’s Chief Creative Officer, Mike Mika, told Game Informer the bestiary was derived from “what fans were fixated on.” The Jabberwocky serves as one such fixation. In the original MediEvil, this creature merely appears in a single cutscene. However, the Jabberwocky was initially designed to feature in a chase level that wound up on the cutting room floor. It’s left fans of the game confused for two decades, and Other Ocean Emeryville considered removing the creature entirely for the remake. Thankfully, a little more insight about the Jabberwocky will soon surface thanks to the upcoming remake’s bestiary.

According to Game Informer, MediEvil co-creator Chris Sorrell edited the bestiary. Based on what featured in the PS4 demo, the tome will be rich with all manner of detail, providing stats and background information on the beasts stalking Gallowmere.

In other MediEvil-related news, the remake’s full trophy list recently emerged. From the looks of it, getting the Platinum Trophy won’t be too arduous. There are 39 trophies in total, many of which concern completing certain story sections. A number of other trophies are centered around the collectibles players will find while exploring.

Sir Daniel Fortesque will return from his long sleep when MediEvil comes to the PlayStation 4 on October 25th.

[Source: Game Informer]

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