Datamine Reveals Possible Battlefield V Halloween Skins Ahead of Its Event

While World War II is already one of the scariest events known to man, and it seems like DICE is looking to make Battlefield V a little more terrifying. It seems like players could be getting a pair of Hell Hunter skins just in time for Halloween. A datamine suggests some new cosmetics are on the way.

With many other games joining in on the Halloween fun, it seems fitting that Battlefield V could be among them. Nothing official has actually been announced by DICE or EA yet, but Twitter user temporyal did some datamining and found what might possibly be this year’s unique cosmetics.. Titled Hell Hunter, these are a pair of costumes that turn your soldiers into something that, while not out of place for World War II, is still appropriately creepy. There appear to be two different versions, with the UK and Germany each having their own set.

The UK version appears to have the soldier dressed up in a long coat, with a bandanna covering part of his face and a large cowboy hat. He also has a rope tied around his chest and both metal gloves and boots. Overall, he looks more like he should be hunting demons out in the woods, but I suppose there is nothing more demonic than a Nazi. The Nazi version of the Hell Hunter looks to have a gas mask, a hooded cloak made of what appears to be strips of bandages, and more bandages tied around his hands and arms.

While a possible Halloween event could always be a good time, DICE is also planning on some major updates for the game. Earlier, DICE announced that it plans to drop a trailer for the next season of content on October 23, 2019, giving players the first look at World War II’s infamous Pacific Theater. If you think you’d be interested in the game, you can read our review of Battlefield V to learn more.

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