Hitman 2 Halloween Event Turns Agent 47 Into a Slasher Movie Monster

Hitman 2 is the latest in a long string of games running Halloween events. You’ll be the one doling out the scares,rather than the victim, when the event begins on October 22, 2019.

While the Halloween mission was originally announced on the roadmap earlier this month, this is the first time we’re getting details about it. The event will have Agent 47 don a pumpkin head and cloak, then brandish a knife he can use to stab people to death. The mission will takes place at Hawke’s Bay, which is fitting considering it will be held at night and feature an isolated house that already felt like the perfect horror movie setting. Agent 47 will not just be killing his targets, but also dragging them to an area full of weird and evil-looking symbols like crucifixes made out of twigs. It’s standard horror movie stuff.

If you manage to complete the level, you’ll get a pair of rewards you can bring with you to other missions. One is the tactical wetsuit, which lets Agent 47 look his best even when he needs to be underwater. The other is a bat shuriken, which is very clearly one of Batman’s Batarang with the Wayne Enterprises serial number filed off.

Perhaps the best part of this event is that it’s totally free. You’ll be able to play the Halloween mission even if all you have is the free starter pack, letting you try out Hitman 2 in a way that it’s not meant to be played, but should prove very entertaining nonetheless. The other best part of this event is that this mode is a permanent addition to Hitman 2. You’re not restricted to seeing Agent 47 become a horror movie villain just during Halloween. If you ever get a craving for something sinister in the middle of July you’ll still have the chance to do so.

If this hasn’t sold you on Hitman 2 yet, you can read our review of it and see why we gave it an Editor’s Choice award.