Explore the ‘Whoniverse’ in PSVR With Doctor Who: The Edge of Time This November

Whovians with a hankering for more Doctor Who will be excited to discover that the official PlayStation Twitter account has confirmed November 12, 2019 as the release date for an upcoming PSVR game. Titled Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, players are encouraged to grab their sonic screwdrivers and “embark on an epic journey to save the universe.”

That sounds suitably grandiose for the popular science fiction TV series’ PlayStation VR debut. PSVR hasn’t been seeing all that much action in terms of new game releases recently, so a shot in the arm from a very recognizable franchise should do a lot to please fans of the immersive PS4 peripheral.

Having been announced back in May 2019 with a release forecast for September 2019, obviously, the game missed its initial targeted launch window. When coupled with a general lack of communication on The Edge of Time’s status—besides a brief look at gameplay in late July—some fans have seen this as a cause for concern.

We won’t know until next month whether those feelings are well placed, but it does appear as though developer Maze Theory will at least present the property authentically. This virtual reality title is fittingly said to take players on an adventure through time and space, where they’ll pilot the iconic TARDIS to travel the universe and visit alien locales. At the heart of it all is solving a mystery surrounding what’s causing the “Reality Virus.”

Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker’s voice and likeness will be featured in the game, and players will battle existing enemies, including the Daleks, and completely new threats. As such, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time looks poised to be both a celebration of the property’s storied history and a fresh new spin on things all at once.

It’ll be available on PSVR, as well as Oculus and HTC VR devices, starting November 12th.