HELLDIVERS: Dive Harder Announced as Free Update, Adds a New Mode and Balancing

A free update is coming to HELLDIVERS this week, on October 25, 2019. The update, titled HELLDIVERS: Dive Harder will include a new mode, an improved loadout system, and balancing, releasing completely free for those who own the game. Dive Harder’s new mode is called Proving Grounds, and it’ll give you an opportunity to hone your skills.

The Proving Grounds missions are replayable and include three components: Challenge, Modifier, and Condition. The Challenge is the task you’re required to complete, the Modifier will add a change to the level that will keep you on your toes (like a dark map), and the Condition will impact your weapon loadout, like shotguns only. Proving Grounds missions will unlock as you play through a Galactic Campaign, with each of them resetting upon completion of the campaign. There are lots of combinations of challenges, modifiers, and conditions to discover, adding a ton of replayability to Dive Harder’s additions.

The update will introduce a new “favorite loadouts” system, allowing you to save a loadout for quick and easy access at the start of a mission. You can also select the “random loadout” option, which, just as it sounds, will give you a random selection of weapons, perks, and stratagems. And of course, Dive Harder will add tweaks and balancing changes as requested by the community. Stay tuned for the full patch notes later this week.

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios is still hard at updating HELLDIVERS, but the team also reportedly has another project in the works, which is expected to be a third-person online game of some kind. Let’s hope to hear an official announcement about the the developer’s next game soon.

What do you make of this HELLDIVERS update? Can you believe this nearly five-year old game is still getting support? Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: Arrowhead Game Studios]