Hideo Kojima Interested in VR, But Doesn’t Currently Have Time for Such a Project

During a recent interview about Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima expressed interest in virtual reality. Unfortunately, it does not seem as though he’ll get to act on it anytime soon, however. According to the developer himself, he simply lacks the time to devote to pursuing such a venture.

Kojima recently sat down for a lengthy interview with Rocket Beans Gaming during the Cologne Film Festival in Germany. When asked specifically whether he had in VR-related projects in mind, Kojima answered that he’d want to work on something that wouldn’t give player 3D motion sickness. He also revealed he currently lacks the free time to expand on any VR ideas. Kojima explained,

I’d want to create something [where] you wouldn’t get 3D motion sickness. For VR, I’m really interested in it, [but] I think I’m not free enough. I said in the panel yesterday that in the 120 years since the [Lumière] brothers created [the cinematograph], we have a monitor or we have this square like an iPad or iPhone. We have a frame, right? VR is kind of freed from the limitation of this frame aspect. So I want to do it, definitely, but I don’t have really time right now to concentrate on VR.

Check out the full interview in the video linked below. Talk of virtual reality begins around the 22-minute mark:

What would a Kojima game in VR even look like? Might it perhaps allow him to return to horror à la P.T.? From the sound of it, we won’t be able to find out for sure anytime soon. With Death Stranding’s launch only a few days out, it may seem Kojima will become a lot less busy in the coming weeks. Yet, the status of the title’s PC version is relatively unknown. In addition, he and the team are already prepping for whatever the “next project” entails.

Death Stranding comes to the PlayStation 4 next week on November 8th. The title will land on PC sometime during the summer of 2020, Kojima productions recently announced.

[Source: Rock Beans Gaming via UploadVR]