Experience the Horror of FMV Title Simulacra on Consoles This December

Simulacra is a full motion video horror title that originally launched in October 2017 for PC (Steam), iOS, and Android. Now the experience is headed to consoles, according to developer Kaigan Games and publisher Wales Interactive (The Complex). PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One users can dive into the mysteries of Simulacra in a few weeks on December 3rd.

For a better understanding of what the Kaigan Games title has to offer, check out the console announcement trailer:

Considered a spiritual successor to Kaigan Games’ Sara is Missing, Simulacra puts players in a difficult position. The game centers on players finding a woman’s lost phone. Wanting to get it back to her seems the next logical step. However, that isn’t as simple as it may seem. The woman in question, Anna, much like her phone, is missing as well.

In a spooky turn of events, Anna left a message on the phone, an apparent “cry for help.” As players probe deeper into the device, things only get all the more strange. Reaching out to Ana’s friends does little good, since they, too, are unaware of where she may be. Thus, it’s up to the player to discover what happened.

Searching through Anna’s text messages, web browser, dating app, emails, images, video logs, and social media apps will be of the most importance. In doing so, players are meant to recover lost files and restore corrupted data, all in an attempt to retrace Anna’s last steps and uncover the truth.

Simulacra’s world is fully realized through the lens of a cell phone, providing a unique narrative experience. Live actors and a voice over cast fill out the game, as well as offer an extra layer of realism.

A sequel, aptly titled Simulacra 2, will hit PC via Steam, iOS, and Android on December 12th of this year.

[Source: Wales Interactive via Gematsu]