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Live-Action Interactive Thriller Erica is Live Now on the PlayStation 4

Sony announced it would publish FlavourWorks’ Erica years ago during Paris Games Week 2017. At the time, this interactive thriller presented in live-action was branded a PlayLink title. After maintaining relative silence for roughly two years, Erica has returned to the fore. This time, PlayLink did not garner a mention. Yet, FlavourWorks did offer a pretty big surprise during gamescom Opening Night Live: Erica is available to purchase right now on the PlayStation Network for $10 USD.

See just what kind of thrills Erica has on offer in the latest trailer featured below:

While PlayLink went without mention during the gamescom reveal, players still have the option to interact with Erica via either the DualShock 4 or a phone app. This is made possible thanks to the Erica app, available to download free of charge on Android and iOS devices.

As a live-action thriller, Erica drops players into the center of a mystery. Unsurprisingly, Erica serves as the game’s protagonist, a woman who remains mystified about the events of her past. One of the more puzzling events concerns the death of her father. In assuming the role of Erica, players slowly unravel the character’s past and discover the apparently “shocking truth” about her father’s passing.

Evidenced by the game’s overall style, Erica is a choice-based experience. Every decision matters to a degree, those that are both large and small in scale. Like other title’s of its kind, this experience from FlavourWorks places a special emphasis on consequence. As such, the mystery will unfurl differently depending on each player’s choices. Naturally, this can only mean Erica features multiple alternate endings. The total number of endings currently remains to be seen. With the game officially now out in the wild, it shouldn’t be too long before these details and many more emerge.

Erica is available now on the PlayStation 4.