Terminator Resistance Launch Edition

Launch Edition of Terminator: Resistance Comes Bundled With Prequel Comics

Fans of the Terminator series, and those interested in the upcoming Terminator: Resistance are in for a nice treat if they pick the game up at launch. Those who purchase the launch edition of Terminator: Resistance will get a pair of digital prequel comics. The comics, titled Terminator: Resistance Zero Day Exploit Parts 1 & 2 will take place before the events of the game. They’re published by Dark Horse, and currently, the only way to get them is to pick up a launch edition of the game. There’s no word on when they’ll be available outside of the game, but you can grab them digitally if you get the game early.

In addition to these comics, a new trailer celebrates the launch of Terminator: Resistance, which you can see here:

Terminator: Resistance takes place in the year 2028, 31 years after the apocalyptic “Judgement Day” when Skynet’s AI tried to destroy all of humanity. You play as a man named Jacob Rivers, who is specifically marked for termination by Skynet for reasons unknown. As a private in the resistance army, Jacob needs to survive while finding a way to help destroy Skynet. Along the way, you’ll be sneaking around, scrounging up supplies, shooting at various kinds of Terminators, and making dialogue choices that will affect the plot.

Terminator: Resistance was originally announced back in September with a planned release date of November 15th. While it’ll still be making that date in Europe, the game was delayed to December 10th in the United States. Although this will be the first Terminator game in quite some time, a Terminator T-800 did make a playable guest appearance in the popular fighting game Mortal Kombat 11, so even if you don’t enjoy Terminator: Resistance that much there is a place you can go to get some quality terminating.