Preorders Are Live for Level52 Studios’ Glorious MediEvil Statue of Sir Dan

MediEvil’s release last month brought Sir Daniel Fortesque back from the dead two-fold. In addition to a remaster of the first game, Sony also showed off a stunning new statue of the skeletal hero from Level52 Studios. Now preorders are live for the product, bringing with them pricing and release date details. The statue’s listing on Sideshow Collectibles has it priced at $250. It is estimated to ship between April and June 2020. Preorders are live on Level52 Studios’ official website as well.

The Sir Dan statue stands just over nine inches tall, depicting the Hero of Gallowmere standing tall atop a grave, shield drawn, sword in the ground, and his foot to the head of a zombie. Level52 seems to have perfectly captured both the charm of Fortesque and the dark humor of MediEvil.

Get a closer look at the statue in the following images:

medievil sir dan statue

medievil sir dan statue

Sideshow allows buyers to enter into a payment plan for the statue, which begins with a non-refundable $25 deposit. From there on, three payment plans become available. One features two payments following the deposit, then there are plans for either three payments or four. After the deposit, each payment plan won’t require buyers to put down more funds until at least January 2020. Level52 Studios, on the other hand, has a half/now half/later policy, whereby consumers preorder with a $100 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is later paid in two $75 payments.

With MediEvil now out in the wild, only one question remains. Will Sony consider it worthwhile to produce either a remake of MediEvil 2 or an entirely new entry for the series? For now, we can only hope that at least one of the two may be a possibility.

[Source: Sideshow Collectibles via The Toyark]